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Local elected officials, administrators, and staff, as well as boards and authorities, can benefit from quality, customized training and development opportunities offered by the Institute at convenient locations around the state and on the University of Georgia campus.

Courses for Municipal and County Clerks

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The Georgia Clerks Education Institute
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May 16-17, 2016
George E. Ford Reception Hall, Powder Springs
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Millage Rate Process
The Georgia Millage Rate process is a complex and sometimes confusing topic, but is nevertheless a process of utmost importance to local government citizens and property owners. City/county Clerks must be highly educated on the Millage Rate as part of their financial management skills set. This required course serves as an exhaustive look into property taxation by any specific jurisdiction, including transparency with the general public about this process, the actual tax collection procedures, and tips to reading and understanding a real tax bill.

Professional Skills Development 201 - Customer Service
To continue the development of managerial skills for City/County Clerks, this elective course covers a common occurrence in conducting relationships with the general public. Customer service is often at the root of many interactions with constituents for Clerks, and such interactions may span between problem solving and conflict resolution. As government's role is to serve its constituents, this course is designed to cover strategies for both problem solving and conflict resolution scenarios, with both sets of skills essential for effective management in any contexts. This course replaces the previous Customer Service course.

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