For more than 85 years, the Institute of Government has worked with public officials throughout Georgia and around the world to improve governance and people's lives. From Georgia's early days as a largely agrarian state with a modest population to its modern-day status as a national and international force in business, industry, and politics with a population of almost 10 million, the Institute has helped government leaders navigate change and forge strong directions for a better Georgia.

Mathew Hauer

Public Service Associate
State Services and Decision Support

Matt Hauer leads the Instituteís Applied Demography Program, which provides state and local leaders with current demographic data and detailed population projections so that they can more effectively address issues and plan for the future. He also instructs officials on the use of demographics in public decision making. He is the recipient of the 2014 E. Walter Terry Award in Applied Demography and is frequently quoted in nationally syndicated newspapers. Hauer has emerged as the go-to person for in-depth knowledge of Georgiaís population and has given dozens of public presentations in recent years to groups such as the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, Kaiser Family Foundation, the board of advisors of the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, and Governor Nathan Dealís Council on Rural Affairs.

Prior to coming to the Institute of Government, Hauer was a statistician in the Population Estimates Branch of the US Census Bureau in Washington, DC; a survey supervisor for the US Census Bureau in Atlanta; and a planner at the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Areas of Expertise: demography, population estimates and forecasts, changing mortality patterns, aging, school demographics

Education: M.S. Demography, Florida State University; B.A. Sociology, Florida State University

Mathew Hauer

Mathew Hauer

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