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The International Center's instructional programs, technical assistance, and research initiatives are grounded in the Institute of Government's more than 80 years of experience working with public officials to improve governance and people's lives. The International Center works to help nations in transition strengthen municipal and administrative capability and brings scholars and practitioners to Georgia to help officials understand and respond to global trends affecting the state.

About the International Center

Governments throughout the globe seek out the Institute of Government's International Center for technical assistance and for the comprehensive training and development programs available to their officials and personnel. The cultural exchange that results benefits Georgia officials and communities as well as their global partners, especially in fostering opportunities for economic development. An integral part of the Institute of Government since 1998, the International Center draws on the Institute's and the broader University's expertise in responding to the needs of its global partners.


Resources for International Governments

This program trains current and up-and-coming leaders in the essential skills of effective public management and can be customized to meet the unique needs of specific governments. Read More
Institute human resource specialists help develop pay structures, establish promotional systems, and develop procedures for recruiting and retaining talented individuals. Read More
International government officials create efficiencies by learning accounting and budgetary principles in the areas of payroll administration, internal controls, and more. Read More

International Center News

The Institute of Government coordinated a recent training session for municipal and provincial leaders with the Governors Association of Korea who came to the United States to learn about effective tourism and economic development programs. Read More
The Institute of Government coordinated a recent training session for an 11-member delegation from the Governors Association of Korea, which came to Georgia for two weeks to learn about American public health and public safety procedures. Read More

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