GSB Student Page | Georgia Wildlife

American coot

American goldfinch

American kestrel

Bachman's sparrow

Bachman's warbler [endangered species]

Bald eagle

Baltimore oriole

Barn swallow

Barred owl

Belted kingfisher

Black vulture


Bobwhite quail

Brown pelican

Brown thrasher

Canada goose


Carolina wren

Chimney swift

Common ground dove

Common night hawk

Cooper's Hawk


Eastern bluebird

Eastern meadowlark

Eastern towhee

Great blue heron

Great horned owl

Green heron

Hermit thrush

Hooded merganser

House sparrow

Ivory billed woodpecker [endangered species]


Kirtland's warbler [endangered species]



Mourning dove


Oystercatcher [endangered species]

Painted bunting

Peregrine Falcon [endangered species]

Piping Plover [threatened species]

Purple finch

Purple martin

Red-cockaded woodpecker [endangered species]

Red-headed woodpecker

Red-tailed hawk

Red-winged blackbird

Ring-billed gull


Ruby-throated hummingbird

Ruffed grouse

Savannah sparrow

Scarlet tanager

Screech owl

Snowy egret

Southern pileated woodpecker


Swallow-tailed kite

Tufted titmouse

Turkey vulture


Wild turkey

Wood duck

Wood stork [endangered species]

Wood thrush


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