Local Training

Local elected officials, administrators, and staff, as well as boards and authorities, can benefit from quality, customized training and development opportunities offered by the Institute at convenient locations around the state and on the University of Georgia campus.
Does Your Team Need to Get Away?
Who doesn't? Times are tough, and local governments everywhere are faced with the difficult task of doing more with less. Many groups—for example, city councils, county commissions, boards, and other decision-making bodies—have benefited from the opportunity to discuss priorities and improve communication in a setting outside their regular meetings. The Institute of Government has organized and facilitated such opportunities, called retreats, for years.
Find out if your group could benefit from a retreat. Do any of the following statements apply to you?
 Our goals for the next one, three, and five years are
unclear or poorly defined.
 Relationships in my group could use improvement.
 The economic downturn has made it important for us to refocus our planning for the next few years.
 After meetings, I often wish we had more time to discuss tough issues and initiatives in more depth.
 We would benefit from the opportunity to talk about issues in a different setting, away from the "heat of the battle."
 Whatever the reason, there are important issues in our community that our team has not addressed.

If any of these statements describe your group, retreat can help address your concerns. Institute of Government retreats are a convenient and relatively low-cost way to get down to the business of planning in a relaxed, informal environment. An experienced facilitator will guide your group through a customized agenda that addresses your specific needs. The goal is to establish better communication and relations, identify and discuss initiatives, and develop medium- and long-term plans for the future.

Visitthe Planning Retreats page for more information on planning retreats. Contact Gordon Maner (gmaner@uga.edu, 706.542.2297) or Christine Jepsen (cjepsen@uga.edu, 706.542.3905) to talk about setting up a retreat for your group.

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