Faculty/Staff by Division

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View faculty and staff by the seven different divisions:

Director's Office

Rob Gordon, Director

Jeremy Daniel, Assistant to the Director for Strategic Initiatives


Kirsten Cochran, Grants Development Specialist

Laura da Cunha, Office Assistant

Madison Drummond, Program Coordinator

Laura Eberhard, Office Assistant

Jeffrey McCord, Educational Program Specialist

Lena Smith, Executive Assistant to the Director


Governmental Training, Education, and Development Division

Mara O. Shaw, Associate Director

Tracy Arner, Assistant Director

Suzette Arnold, Public Service Assistant

Marci Campbell, Public Service Associate

Russell W. Cook, Public Service Assistant

Carrie T. Hamilton, Public Service Assistant

Beth Horacek, Public Service Associate

Michael Hourihan, Public Service Assistant

April Howard, Public Service Assistant

John Hulsey, Public Service Associate

David Key, Public Service Assistant

Dave Lakly, Public Service Associate

M. Chrissy Marlowe, Public Service Associate

Walt McBride, Leadership Development Unit Manager

Jennifer Nelson, Public Service Assistant

Eric M. Robinson, Management Development Associate

Hardin Watkins, Public Service Assistant


Teaa Allston-Bing, Trainer

Laura Bayne, Program Coordinator

Tracy BeMent, Trainer

Dena Bosten, Occasional Hourly Professional

Stan Brown, Occasional Hourly Professional

Christina Collins, Program Coordinator

Linda Cramer, Occasional Hourly Professional

James Davis, Trainer

James Dean, Occasional Hourly Professional

James Elliott, Jr., Trainer

Cindy England, Business Manager

Nancy Farage, Trainer

Sharon Fenneran, Program Coordinator

Chris Floore, Trainer

Felix Floyd, Trainer

Jared Hill, Trainer

Jasmine Jackson, Program Coordinator

Lateresa Jackson, Occasional Hourly Professional

Scott Johnson, Trainer

Clare King, Occasional Hourly Professional

Kathryn Lookofsky, Occasional Hourly Professional

Breanna Matheson, Program Coordinator

Thad McWhorter, Administrative Manager

Ellen Mills, Occasional Hourly Professional

J. Michael Moryc, Program Coordinator

Christopher Pike, Trainer

Sherri Phillips, Program Coordinator

Karen Pou, Business Manager

Jeanette Shannon, Program Coordinator

Tiffany Smith, Program Coordinator

Greg Sowell, Occasional Hourly Professional

Saralyn Stafford, Assistant Director for Rural Development

Debbie Suits, Senior Accountant

Cindy Thompson, Administrative Manager

Charles Walters, Trainer

Ashlan Webb, Occasional Hourly Professional

Lisa Williams, Occasional Hourly Professional


Information Technology Outreach Services

Eric McRae, Associate Director


Rufus Adair, Scientific Computing Professional Assistant

Lawton Brantley, IT Senior Manager

Joseph Childs, Scientific Computing Professional Assistant

Jeff Deroshia, Database Administrator Principal

Kevin Dooley, Production Staff Manager

Brent Floyd, Computer Services Specialist

Mayra Garcia, Administrative Specialist

Geoffrey Garland, IT Senior Manager

Jaibu George, Application Programmer Assistant

Lazaryia Harper, Application Programmer Associate

David Holcomb, Enterprise Spatial Data Infrastructure Manager

J.J. Jackson, Production Staff Manager

Stan Lanier, Systems Administrator Associate

Aaron McCoy, Application Programmer Associate

Jimmy Nolan, Local Government Project Manager

Missy Pruitt, Business Manager

Patrick Russell, Application Analyst Specialist

Anita Russo, Application Analyst Specialist

Fred Sewell, IT Professional Associate

Christopher Weaver, Computer Services Specialist

Angela Wheeler, Computer Services Specialist


Office of Finance & Administration

Anjali Dougherty, Associate Director


Stephanie Bales, Administrative Manager

Christopher Byrd, Business Manager

Jeff Chen, IT Professional Associate

Scott Crabtree, Operations Manager

Brian Freese, Administrative Manager

Tracy Harper, Human Resources Coordinator

James Holl, Facilities Coordinator

Amber Mallory, Business Manager

Sunaina Medappa, Business Affairs Manager

Zac Ray, IT Professional Specialist

Hank Seward, Business Manager

Ralph Stephens, Chapel Assistant

Deanna Wang, Business Manager


Office of Communications

Courtney Alford-Pomery, Communications Director


Margaret Blanchard, Public Relations Coordinator

Jake Brower, Creative Design Specialist

Melissa Charles, Digital Strategist

Karen DeVivo, Editor

Kelly Howard, Creative Design Specialist

Mallory Lawrence, Communications Specialist


State Services and Decision Support

David Tanner, Associate Director


Wes Clarke, Senior Public Service Associate

Taylor Hafley, Applied Demographer

Rebecca M. Hunt, Public Service Faculty 

Beverly Johnson, Assistant Director

Sid Johnson, Public Service Assistant

Holly Lynde, Public Service Faculty

Anna Wrigley Miller, Public Service Faculty

Tommie Shepherd, Public Service Associate

Ileeia Smith, Public Service Assistant

Greg Wilson, Assistant Director


Arlana Bowens, Program Coordinator

James Byars, Scientific Computing Professional Specialist

Madelyn Cantu, Research Professional

Jan Coyne, Temporary Professional

Kira Crowe, Research Professional

Emily Franklin, Fiscal Analyst

Melanie Hardman, Administrative Manager

Alexandra Hill, Fiscal and Economic Analyst

Scott King, Scientific Computing Professional Associate

Lauren Poe, Program Coordinator

Hadley Rawlins, Research Professional

Malisia Taylor, Program Coordinator

Sahar Voghoei, Scientific Computing Professional Specialist

Jana Woodiwiss, Temporary Staff

Hong Zeng, Program Coordinator


Strategic Operations and Planning Assistance

David Tanner, Associate Director


Danny Bivins, Senior Public Service Associate

Lori Brill, Public Service Assistant

Benjamin Carswell, Public Service Assistant

Leigh Askew Elkins, Senior Public Service Associate

Julia B. Haas, Public Service Assistant

Shana Jones, Assistant Director

Dan Lasseter, Public Service Associate

Kaitlin McShea Messich, Public Service Associate

Scott Pippin, Public Service Associate

Mark Risse, Adjunct Senior Public Service Associate

Paula Sanford, Senior Public Service Associate

Malik R. Watkins, Public Service Associate

Daniel Wyatt, Military Community Liaison


Natalie Bock, Research Professional

Kelsey Broich, Creative Design Specialist

Colton Carpenter, Temporary Technical Paraprofessional

Danielle Dankner, Administrative Specialist

Katie Hill, Research Professional

Eleonora Machado, Creative Design Specialist

Samantha Riggs, Temporary Technical Paraprofessional

Emily Schattler, Program Coordinator

Macey Smith, Temporary Hourly Professional

T. Clark Stancil, Creative Design Specialist

Annabelle Tolmich, Temporary Technical Paraprofessional

Martina Tryman, Research Professional III

Nemine Wu, Temporary Technical Paraprofessional


Survey Research and Evaluation Support

Theresa Wright, Associate Director


Karen DeMeester, Public Service Associate

Melinda Moore, Public Service Assistant

Jamil Sewell, Public Service Assistant

Brian Simmons, Public Service Assistant


Danielle Augustine, Post Doctoral Research Associate

Michelle Bailey, Research Professional

Elizabeth Bocz, Research Professional

Megan Bramlett, Research Professional

Tyler Cagle, Research Professional

Timothy Collings, Application Programmer Specialist

Shantée El, Program Coordinator

Linda Emanor, Research Professional

Gretchen King, Research Professional

Nyla Lieu, Temporary Hourly Professional

Veronica Lopez-Delgado, Research Professional

Tia Prather, Administrative Manager I

Darrell Robinson, Research Professional

Tyler Smith, Research Professional

Erik Thompson, Research Professional

John Tong, Database Administrator Principal

Kylie Zarecki, Research Professional