Jimmy Nolan

Jimmy Nolan

Jimmy Nolan

Local Government Project Manager; Information Technology Outreach Services



Jimmy Nolan has been involved in GIS-related work since 1994. Prior to joining the Institute of Government's ITOS division as a project manager, he worked as chief appraiser for Morgan County, as GIS specialist for the Georgia Department of Revenue and as an independent real estate appraiser. During this period, Jimmy has been introduced to many facets of the GIS discipline, including data creation, GIS training and program and project coordination.

Jimmy is currently serving with a Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) subcommittee that is developing cadastral (parcel level) data content standards for the eastern 31 states. He has also served as a board member with the Georgia chapter of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) and the Georgia GIS Coordinating Committee.

His primary responsibilities at ITOS include educating local government officials on how GIS can help them operate their agencies more efficiently and coordinating GIS data creation projects.