Government leaders at all levels receive valuable insights into their performance and can target their professional development with the help of GOV360®, the 360-degree assessment instrument designed specifically for government managers. This tool is one of the numerous training and professional development opportunities provided by the Institute of Government to thousands of elected and appointed government officials and administrators each year.


The 360-Degree Assessment Instrument for Government Managers

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Whether you are a government executive, midlevel manager, or frontline supervisor, you can receive objective insights into your leadership performance and develop individual goals for professional development with the help of GOV360®. This online 360-degree assessment instrument has been designed to address the unique circumstances of the government workplace and combines with one-on-one coaching sessions for personalized leadership development.

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What is GOV360®?

PhotoGOV360® provides you a way to better understand your personal strengths and opportunities for growth through the perspectives of the people you work with. It combines information from a self-assessment completed by you with results from anonymous questionnaires completed online by your subordinates, peers, and manager, who supply feedback about your performance. As an official or manager, you can use the information to better understand how others perceive your leadership performance and decide how best to enhance your effectiveness on the job.

GOV360® is the result of an in-depth collaboration between faculty at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and at the University of Georgia Department of Psychology. Together, they built an assessment tool constructed exclusively around the distinct responsibilities and work environments of public sector leaders. Until the launch of GOV360®, assessment tools available to government executives, managers, department heads, officials, directors, and other leaders have been limited primarily to instruments that were developed for private and corporate industries.

The GOV360® Process

The Assessment
GOV360® gives you perspective on 23 competencies related to the interpersonal skills and unit performance and process management skills that are essential to the success of government leaders. The instrument's purpose is to help you shape your own professional development according to the feedback provided by those who have had the chance to observe and work closely with you. Collecting a complete perspective of your performance with input from people at different organizational levels gives you a fuller picture of your performance. Combining these results with GOV360®'s self-assessment section allows you to compare your own perceptions about your performance with the ones collected from others.

Once input has been compiled from you and your raters through the online tool, you receive a comprehensive GOV360® feedback report detailing the results and calling attention to your personal strengths, blind spots, hidden talents, and opportunities for growth.

Executive Coaching
An important step in the assessment process is reviewing your GOV360® report individually with an Institute of Government executive coach. The coaching helps you understand the report results and apply them to your own situation and objectives. Together, you and the coach construct a customized professional development plan that incorporates the GOV360® findings with your career and organizational goals. For your convenience, coaching sessions can be held in-person at your chosen site or virtually, using interactive online technology.

To Purchase

Purchasing GOV360® for yourself or multiple people in your office is easy. Purchase the GOV360® assessment with the executive coaching.

You have several options according to your needs. Choose onsite or virtual coaching sessions. Governments enjoy a special discounted rate. You can also choose the assessment separately and add the coaching session later.

No report will be issued unless a minimum of one supervisor, two direct reports, and two peers complete the assessment within 21 days, and no refund will be issued. The minimum number of raters is required to protect anonymity.

For purchasing questions or general GOV360® inquiries, contact Muriel Clauson at or 706.542.9520.

GOV360 is a trademark of the University of Georgia Research Found, Inc. All rights reserved.

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