Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

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Turn to us for digital map production, local government GIS services and more. With our experience in the latest cartographic and data management techniques, we are Georgia's leader in GIS technology. Our specialists help government entities realize the benefits of GIS technology and smoothly integrate it into their operations.

We offer a multitude of GIS solutions:

  • digital map production

  • county parcel mapping

  • school district rezoning

  • transportation/addressing systems

  • global positioning system (GPS) technology

  • addressing systems using county road centerlines

  • creating new data and photorevising existing data using aerial photography or multi-spectral satellite imagery

  • digital GIS data conversion for use in other applications (for example, converting Natural Resource Conservation Service soil maps into digital format)

  • consulting and restructuring for GIS systems

  • making digital information more easily accessible to citizens

What is GIS?

A geographic information system (GIS) is a valuable tool for problem solving and decision making. This advanced technology organizes a government's digital geographic data and puts it at a user's fingertips in a functional and adaptable format.

GIS can integrate hardware, software and data to manage all forms of geographically referenced information such as water flows, tax assessor maps and records, zoning, and health information.

Viewing and interpreting information along certain criteria, such as time period or location, becomes possible, revealing trends. Users can also view data in a variety of formats including maps, charts and graphs.

Esri Software Distribution

We maintain the site license for Esri Software for the USG. Any questions about the Esri Software Distribution for UGA should be directed to Geoff Garland.

Contact: Eric McRae; emcrae@uga.edu; 706.542.3442

Geographic Information Systems Data Development:

Local Government

We provide a complete GIS solution—from data creation to employee training to no-obligation advice. Our local government team's technical expertise and training allows us to place a strong emphasis on data quality and practical training. We can create new data by building specialized data sets or enhancing existing GIS data. Our GIS and IT staffs can assist county governments in negotiating the challenges of implementing and managing a GIS project. We put a strong emphasis on coordinating GIS activities with surrounding jurisdictions, state and federal agencies.

State Government

We have a vast amount of experience working with Georgia state agencies on a wide variety of GIS projects.


For almost two decades, ITOS has worked under a generous cooperative agreement with USAID to provide IT services to the humanitarian assistance community involved in disaster response activities worldwide.