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For almost two decades, ITOS has worked under a generous cooperative agreement with USAID to provide IT services to the humanitarian assistance community involved in disaster response activities worldwide.


CVIOG supports the international community in a range of services, including

  • creating and maintaining common IT infrastructures: websites, FTP sites, repositories

  • custom application development

  • platform and tool research and integration

  • volunteer workforce management

  • program assessments

  • data services: vetting, development and publishing

  • custom training programs

We partner and support a wide range of stakeholders, including UN entities, international NGOs, domestic and international academic institutions, federal and donor agencies, tech companies and the volunteer technical community in special projects designed to provide innovative technical resources and solutions in operational environments throughout the disaster life cycle:

  • in operational projects designed to help humanitarian actors in their day to day activities

  • in preparedness activities in anticipation of events

  • during event response



Eric McRae