Local Governments and School Systems: Partnering for Better Communities

Collaborative Governance Study

Local Governments and School Systems: Partnering for Better Communities

The Institute of Government, in collaboration with the Archway Partnership and UGA's School of Public and International Affairs, embarked on a study in 2014 to explore the potential for collaboration among Georgia school systems and local governments. As Georgia continues to compete with other states for high-paying jobs, an educated, skilled workforce is critical to our state's future. Well-governed and successful K-12 systems are essential to developing a qualified workforce.

Sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Public Service and Outreach, this study explores the premise that greater collaboration between local governments and school systems in Georgia can lead to more efficient service delivery and improved educational outcomes for the communities involved. UGA researchers examined the current status of local government and school system collaboration in Georgia as well as issues that may foster or hinder collaboration. Six case studies in three policy arenas demonstrate that in some counties and cities in Georgia, officials in local government and school districts are coming together to make a difference in their communities.

We hope that through this research Georgia leaders can overcome some of the legal, structural and systemic hurdles that hinder collaboration, allowing them to create opportunities to improve their own organizations and communities through new partnerships and new approaches to leadership. High-functioning school systems that provide students with a quality education help communities achieve sustainable economic growth and contribute to the overall vitality of a community.



Kelly Howard