Demographic Projections & Analysis

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Our Applied Demography Program provides governments data-driven decision tools and analysis, including population projections and estimates for sub-county geographies, municipalities, school systems, service regions and special populations.


The Applied Demography program provides technical assistance to the State of Georgia in developing state and county level projections. County level projections are provided by the Governor’s Office of Planning and Budget. To request a copy of the official state population projections, visit https://opb.georgia.gov/census-data/population-projections.


The Applied Demography Program provides data analytics and visualization services to cities, counties, state agencies and regional governments. We help governments analyze their administrative data using innovative demographic, statistical, geospatial, and econometric tools and methods. The Applied Demography Program has helped its partners receive awards recently for innovative data analysis techniques. We also provide community profiles that are useful when embarking on a strategic planning process. A community profile includes up-to-date data and analysis about a community’s demographics, workforce, employers and education outcomes.


Recent projects include

  • population projects for the Cities of Newnan and Senoia

  • enrollment analytics for the University System of Georgia

  • University System of Georgia enrollment projections

  • Tallatoona Community Action Partnership community needs assessment