Economic Development

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Governments seeking assistance with their economic development activities turn to us for specialized services such as research, technical assistance and training. We can help provide the building blocks for your community’s overall economic development efforts.

Economic Development services:

Economic Impact Analysis

Economic modeling and specialized economic impact analyses on specific topics are just two of the ways our faculty help government leaders plan more effectively for the future of their state and communities.

Finance Expertise

We have a wide range of training programs and technical assistance services for cities, counties, school systems, charter schools, libraries and state agencies.

Training & Professional Development

Each year, thousands of elected and appointed government officials, development authority board members, administrators and economic development executives work to improve their knowledge and leadership skills and sharpen their understanding of key economic development concepts and processes in a variety of training and professional development opportunities that we offer.

Information Resources

The Institute of Government has a library of resources to help governments, their employees, citizens and stakeholders.


Center services include data and labor market analysis; professional development; economic impact and incentives modeling; workforce and economic development strategies; downtown and community development and planning; rural development and more.

Strategic Planning

Every government organization needs a plan to guide its use of resources including employee time and use of funds. We help governments develop their strategic plans and identify the implementation steps necessary to achieve their goals.

Local Permitting Process Assistance

We provide local permitting process assistance to aid businesses in attaining the correct licenses and permits.


Led by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government, Planning Rural Opportunities for Prosperity and Economic Leadership (PROPEL) will guide low-income rural cities and counties through a six-step model to develop and implement a plan to advance their rural economies.

Economic Development Handbook
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