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The Institute of Government has a library of resources to help governments, their employees, citizens and stakeholders. The following is a list of some of the resources available:


Web-based Resources


This website is a portal to demographic and financial data about Georgia’s counties, cities and school systems.                                                                                                                                  

Tax and Expenditure Data Center (TED)

Within the Georgiadata.org portal, users can assess financial information about their local governments and school systems.  


State of Georgia Organizational Chart

An organizational chart of state government is available for download. The State Organizational Chart presents the state’s organizational structure from the perspective of the voter and highlights what offices are constitutional offices and what boards are appointed by the Governor.


Publications Available for Purchase

Economic Development Handbook for Georgia's Rural Communities
The Economic Development Handbook for Georgia’s Rural Communities is both a desk reference and a training resource. Its chapters include checklists and task lists to help you organize information and conduct basic economic development activities. In addition to providing vital information for economic developers on essential basic topics, this handbook focuses on economic development in the state of Georgia, including laws, partners, programs and resources. (published in 2017)



Handbook for Georgia Legislators

The handbook provides a comprehensive review of the legislative process and current issues and challenges for Georgia General Assembly members. The handbook incorporates changes in the law and legislative procedure that have occurred since the previous edition (published in 2014).


Georgia County Guide

The Georgia County Guide is a compilation of statistics for each of Georgia’s 159 counties. The book is updated annually and includes data from more than 90 difference federal, state and local data sources. Detailed county-level and state data related to agriculture, crime, economics, education, government, health, housing, labor, natural resources, occupations, population, public assistance, transportation and vital statistics is available. Georgiadata.org provides much of this data electronically. Production of the Georgia County Guide is a collaborative effort of the Institute of Government and UGA Extension.


Videos & Tutorials

Department of Community Affairs Reporting and Surveys Video Tutorial

66-minute tutorial: Details the duties and responsibilities of the Georgia Department of Community Affairs and provides detailed reporting and survey responsibilities, requirements and mandates for local governments