Human Resources Management

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Whether a government wants to ensure that its employees are being paid in line with current standards, carry out an executive search or establish up-to-date promotional testing, our human resources management faculty are ready to offer expertise and experience that can help.

Human Resources Management services:

Classification & Compensation Studies

The development and implementation of classification/compensation systems maximize organizational efficiency and create internal and external pay equity for employees.

Personnel Policies & Procedures

Human Resources policies and procedures establish a framework that guide how your organization conducts itself on a daily basis. It defines the day-to-day business of your organization, including employee conduct on the job and how managers direct. Many times, however, changes to employment law can leave your organization vulnerable to litigation.

Public Safety Testing & Assessment

The development and implementation of promotional written exams and assessment centers provide reliable, valid and objective support for law enforcement agencies, fire departments and other emergency responders.

HR Compliance Assistance

Our faculty have an abundance of experience and knowledge in the area of human resource compliance issues.

Executive Searches

Is your government or non-profit organization seeking to hire managers, directors and major department heads? Our fac­ulty can ensure that the search process results in the best candidate for the job. Our faculty handle many of the time consuming day-to-day tasks, still allowing you to retain control over key decision points.

GOV360 & HR Coaching

GOV360® provides you a way to better understand your personal strengths and opportunities for growth through the perspectives of the people you work with. It combines information from a self-assessment completed by you with results from anonymous questionnaires completed online by your subordinates, peers, and manager or elected leader, who supply feedback about your performance.