Environmental Planning & Natural Resource Planning

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Environmental and natural resource planning uses balanced decision making that takes the natural environment into consideration. Environmental and natural resource planning combines protection of environmental resources with community goals. These community goals could include economic development, improved government efficiency and enhanced quality of life.


The Planning and Environmental Services program informs your state-level or community-based planning process by offering expertise in

  • land use planning

  • corridor planning and design

  • downtown revitalization

  • and more!

  • environmental management



Environmental and natural resource planning occurs at both the regional and local levels.  Our expertise includes

  • facilitating regional water councils

  • conducting local workshops

  • assessing local and county-wide infrastructure resources

  • identifying strategic uses of natural resources in eco-tourism and community development


We excel in managing relationships, designing governance frameworks and guiding the decision-making process in the environmental and natural resource context.


Training and education assist leaders to understand environmental issues and potential solutions for a community, region and/or state.  Our experts are skilled at developing and facilitating customized retreats and classroom-style programs that deliver real world environmental expertise.