Information Technology/Record Management Reviews

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Information technology is an ever growing part of successful local government operations and community engagement.


Our faculty can assist local governments through a variety of activities, including

  • Information technology strategic planning - Using a variety of tools, our faculty can answer questions about your investment in information technology and how systems work.

  • Information technology departmental reviews - Our faculty help local government managers develop ways to have their IT departments provide great service with available resources. 

  • Organization placement and design of IT/Geographic Information System (GIS) programs - Our faculty help you design your IT/GIS unit within the larger organizational structure of the government to provide maximum performance.

  • Records Management - Local governments are required by law to retain records of various types for various periods of time. By analyzing your current record management processes, we help you prevent improper records handling to meet your records management goals.

  • Web and Social Media Citizen Engagement - Local governments use their web sites and social media to engage citizens. Our faculty help you design effective web and social media strategies, content management policies and systems, and technology.

  • Business Process Analysis - Our faculty help you streamline your work and develop information systems that contribute to efficiency rather than undermine it.

  • Applications acquisition and development - We can assist your local government in customized applications or off-the-shelf software from vendors. If off-the-shelf software is not available, we can develop applications as simple as customized spreadsheets and microcomputer databases. However, we can also develop complete web-based data management systems using industrial strength servers and systems.