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When local governments and state agencies launch initiatives, they need to determine if their activities will meet their objectives. Our evaluation experts are skilled at assessing the effectiveness of different endeavors, from individual programs to interdepartmental or even system-wide efforts.

Using comprehensive, multi-method approaches, our evaluators work with you to design an evaluation method that establishes objective and quantifiable measures from the beginning. Evaluation research provides the processes and tools to obtain valid, reliable and credible data to address a variety of programmatic needs. The demand for systematic data on local government and state agency programs and initiatives are collected by our evaluation experts to answer questions of programmatic effectiveness, weaknesses and successes to improve organizational capacity and services. Evaluation studies also assist local and state government leaders to provide evidence-informed policy decisions, using data collected on past programmatic performance.

Our staff are also trained to respond to federal and state grant requirements and can assist with the development of evaluation strategies during the proposal phase, as well as conduct evaluations for grant-funded programs.