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Your Chance to Work with Georgia’s Leaders!


GLIP 2016 class


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Program Background

Every spring semester, around 35 junior and senior students from Georgia's public and private universities and colleges intern with the Georgia General Assembly. These students gain first-hand experience in the lawmaking process through the Georgia Legislative Internship Program (GLIP). The GLIP was created in the 1970s under the leadership of then Lt. Governor Zell Miller and is a paid internship opportunity coordinated by the Georgia General Assembly.

Program Highlights

GLIP participants will:

  • work directly with these Georgia General Assembly committees and offices: Speaker’s Office, Speaker Pro Tempore, President Pro Tempore, Minority Office, Ways and Means, Rules, Majority Whip, Legislative Counsel, House Media Services, and Majority Leader.

  • participate in the legislative process with a full-time internship in a standing committee of the Georgia General Assembly during the Georgia legislative session, which starts on the 2nd Monday of January and typically runs through the end of March.

  • research bills or issues before the General Assembly, work with a legislative committee, monitor the progress of legislation and perform other duties as assigned by their committee.

  • learn about the inner workings of state government.

  • make contacts for a future career in public service.

  • receive 4 to 12 hours of pre-approved internship credit from their school or college/experiential learning. 

  • Earn a weekly stipend of approximately $300 a week.

Eligibility Requirements

GLIP students

  • Student must be a junior or senior in a college or university in the state of Georgia at the time of the internship.

  • Applicants must NOT have completed graduation prior to the beginning of the legislative session.

  • Program is open to ALL majors.

  • Students must receive school credit from their college or university. 

  • This is a FULL-TIME paid internship. Each intern will earn a stipend pay of $300 per week.

  • Work hours are generally 8:00 a.m. 5:00 p.m., but office hours can fluctuate on a daily basis.

  • Students are advised NOT to take any classes while serving as an intern.

  • If necessary, classes online or after work hours are acceptable. Please notify your College Program Coordinator and Dr. Amy Steigerwalt if you plan to take classes.

  • Participation in a state legislative process workshop presented by the Carl Vinson Institute of Government and the School of Public and International Affairs prior to the legislative session.

  • A GPA of 2.5 or higher

Program Details

Students apply for the program and are selected through a process that includes an evaluation of their application and an interview session at the Capitol.  

GLIP students

Students will apply in the Fall semester prior to the Spring semester in which the legislative session occurs. (For example, students who wish to participate in the 2024 Georgia Legislative Session will apply the Fall semester before, which would be Fall 2023.) 

The application process begins with a written application that is due to the Georgia General Assembly in October. If selected, candidates will be notified via email to schedule a selection interview. If a student is chosen to participate in GLIP, they will participate in placement interviews in December to be matched with an office within the General Assembly.

Student interns are matched with an office (taking their preferences into account) and generally work 40 hours per week during the session. The length of each work day may vary since the session days will also differ in length. Session work may take place in the mornings, evenings, or times in-between depending upon that day’s session.


UGA Application Process

There is a required on-campus application process for University of Georgia students. The Carl Vinson Institute of Government assists in the selection of UGA students for participation in the GLIP. 

Students must submit the following items to complete the application process:

  • Georgia Legislative Internship Application Form. Applications are now closed. Students interested in the GLIP Program may complete this form for more information.

  • A two to five-page essay indicating how your studies and experiences have prepared you to participate in the internship program, what you expect to gain from the program, and specific knowledge and skills you will contribute

  • Official or Unofficial Transcript. The transcript must be shared directly with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government via email or via mail to Madison Drummond, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 201 N. Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30605.

  • Three to five reference forms, with at least two being from professors from the applicant’s school or college. Recommender must share form directly with the Carl Vinson Institute of Government via email, or via mail to Madison Drummond, Carl Vinson Institute of Government, 201 N. Milledge Avenue, Athens, GA 30605. 

  • Current resume

Students who do not meet the eligibility requirements listed above will not be considered.

Applications are now closed. Students interested in the GLIP Program may complete this form for more information.

Students must submit their Internship Application Form, their 2-5 page essay, and their current resume in one PDF document. Students may create the PDF within Adobe Acrobat, which can be downloaded from UGA EITS.

  1. Open Adobe Acrobat. To combine the single documents into one document:

    1. Select “Tools”

    2. Click “Combine Files”

      1. Application form

      2. Essay

      3. Transcript

    3. Add Files

    4. Click “Combine”

    5. Save Adobe PDF document

      1. Naming convention should be: Last name_First name_GLIP YYYY Application

    6. Email Adobe PDF to cviog-students@uga.edu and copy polaah@uga.edu

Timeline for Applications

Application Period

  • University of Georgia Application deadline: October 11, 2023

  • Candidate Interviews: Week of October 24, 2023

  • Notice of Decision: November 2023

Selected Candidate Key Dates

  • Intern Placement Interviews: Mid-December

  • On-Campus Orientation: December 1, 2023

  • General Assembly Orientation: January 3-5, 2023

  • First day of Legislative Session: January 8, 2024

General Assembly Resources