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The 2023 Charter System Foundation Conference and Annual Awards Luncheon will take place on November 7-8, 2023 at the University of Georgia Hotel & Conference Center in Athens, Georgia. 

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Information on the conference can be found below:

Charter School Systems—

Empowered to Meet Higher Performance Goals

Engineered to Maximize Decision Making at the School House Level


Governance team members, teachers, building and system level leaders will convene on the campus of the University of Georgia for the Charter System Foundation Conference and Annual Awards Luncheon. During the day and a half event, participants will share ideas and provide mutual support on topics that are making meaningful change in the lives of Georgia’s students. The conference will conclude with the Awards Luncheon. Recipients of the Georgia Charter System Leadership Award and Georgia Charter System of the Year Award will be recognized.


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You may also find information via the Charter System Foundation website: www.charter-system.org