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We coordinate and provide educational classes for the Georgia City-County Management Association (GCCMA) that are aligned with the 14 core competencies for ICMA credentialed managers.


The Georgia City-County Management Association is the recognized affiliate organization of ICMA and is the professional association of appointed administrators servicing cities, counties, regional councils and other local government in the State of Georgia. Their membership includes city and county managers and administrators, directors of regional development centers and their principal assistants in addition to representatives of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), Georgia's County Association and the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA).


GCCMA sponsors two educational conferences for members each year.

  • The fall conference is held over a three-day period, at a location in the state selected by the Board. Programs emphasize personal and professional development topics of special interest to Georgia Managers. A relaxed environment and thoughtful scheduling makes the fall conference a useful opportunity to retreat from regular business activity.

  • The spring conference is held annually in Athens to provide networking opportunities between conference participants and students from graduate programs in public administration from around the state. The spring conference is also organized around a particular professional development topic and includes a review of issues and subjects of broad interest. Nationally prominent trainers and speakers are featured on the program along with regional leaders in local government management. The conference is regularly attended by a staff representative of ICMA.

GCCMA also sponsors occasional training programs on special subject matters as part of its commitment to continuing professional development.

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