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The Institute of Government, in partnership with the Association County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG), offers courses through the Lifelong Learning Academy for county commissioners. These educational courses develop and enhance leadership and governing skills. They also develop their foundational knowledge in key topics of county governance while providing the opportunity for sustained development in a variety of specialized subjects.


Academy courses are offered at least once every other year and are held in conjunction with regularly scheduled ACCG meetings or as stand-alone sessions.

The Academy centers around three levels of professional development:


To achieve Core Certification, commissioners participate in eight courses that examine fundamental topics important to county government. Commissioners must also successfully complete the ACCG Leadership Institute.


Courses cover subjects such as

  • law                                    

  • human resources

  • finance

  • economic development


A powerful and innovative feature of the Lifelong Learning Academy is the chance for commissioners to improve their knowledge in particular subjects of interest through Specialty Level Certification. The ability for commissioners to focus on improving their skills in a specific area is what really sets this program apart.


Once commissioners satisfy the requirements for Core Certification, they can deepen their expertise by taking courses focused on one of eight topics:

  • revenue & finance

  • county operations and management

  • economic and community development

  • intergovernmental relations

  • citizen engagement

  • public safety

  • leadership development

  • quality of life and social issues


Each of these specializations require completion of eight courses from a list of core and elective offerings. Commissioners can continue to advance their range of proficiency over the course of their careers by pursuing multiple Specialty Level Certifications.

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