Regional Industrial Development Authority Training

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Communities and regions benefit when stakeholders collaborate to leverage opportunities and relationships. 

Participants will explore roles and responsibilities for serving on a regional industrial development authority board, the powers of regional industrial development authorities, and legal and ethical rules and requirements. Participants will increase their knowledge about the role that regional industrial development authorities serve within the economic development process through case studies, best practices, examples, and emerging issues. This training provides the statutorily mandated training required for regional industrial development authority board members.


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the roles and responsibilities of RIDA* board members

  • Explain the legal and ethical requirements of RIDA’s and board members

  • Identify financing tools and programs available to RIDA’s

  • Assess the fundamentals of intergovernmental and cost sharing agreements

  • Discuss the importance of strategic planning in economic development

  • Communicate the role of RIDA’s to key economic development stakeholders

    *RIDA – Regional Industrial Development Authority

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