Georgia Data Innovation Hub

The mission of the Institute’s Georgia Data Innovation Hub is to convene, train, and provide technical assistance to raise the capabilities of government employees doing data analytics, data visualization, and predictive analytics.

The Data Hub will offer course instruction and peer learning opportunities.


Innovations in Data Analysis and Data Visualization for Local Governments webinarInnovations in Data Analysis and Data Visualization for Local Governments Webinar

Our webinar on October 27 focused on tools to help local governments interact with important data. Participants heard about future learning opportunities and how to become part of a growing network of professionals in the data analytics and visualization ecosystem as part of the Institute’s new Georgia Data Innovation Hub.

Presenters included:

Tommy Pearce, Executive Director at Neighborhood Nexus
Mission-driven organizations should have access to actionable insights to inform their decisions—our communities depend on it. Neighborhood Nexus makes community data accessible and actionable for Georgia's social impact sector. In this presentation, participants learned about the free tool available from Neighborhood Nexus to find, visualize, analyze, and export community data. This tool will allow users to explore neighborhoods, census tracts, zip codes, cities and counties across the state of Georgia.              

Emily Franklin, Fiscal Analyst at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government
Emily Franklin, who manages the institute's Georgiadata.org resource, discussed visualizing local government data. Making sense of local government data can be daunting, but it’s important for leaders and the public alike to understand. In this webinar, participants learned how sales tax distribution and other local government data are downloaded, transformed and visualized through software such as R and Qlik for Georgiadata.org, a resource developed and maintained by the Institute of Government.  

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Data Webinar

Innovations in Data Analysis and Data Visualization Webinar 
This Georgia Data Innovation Hub webinar taught attendees how data analytics and data visualization advances decision making in government. The hour-long webinar took place on August 18.


Presenters included:

Kanti Chalasani, Division Director of the Georgia Data Analytics Center at the Office of Planning and Budget
Kanti discussed the Georgia Data Analytics Center – A modern data cloud with unlimited capacity and compute, striving hard to facilitate data driven decision making in Georgia.

Eric McRae, Associate Director for Information Technology Outreach Services at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government 
With millions of dollars being poured into broadband in the state, Eric will be discussing how good data, whether using GIS maps or business intelligence and visualization tools, are being utilized at the state of Georgia to assist in the decision making process to help determine at a granular level how to best spend the dollars.

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