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We administer the Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE) Code Enforcement Certificate Program. 

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The program enhances the knowledge and skills of people who are responsible for the enforcement of city, county and state codes in Georgia.

About the Program

The courses presented at the conference are designed to provide participants with helpful information enforcing the local codes and ordinances within their jurisdictions. The conference will focus on current legal aspects of code enforcement in the state of Georgia and similar information that will enhance the performance of code enforcement officials. Also, the program is designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of those persons responsible for enforcement of environmental, housing and land use codes in Georgia. The courses will identify code situations that occur in communities and professional methods that address those issues. The conference also
will provide information on standard and best code enforcement practices in the state.

Who Will Benefit

The conference is designed to interest all public officials involved in code enforcement. It is an opportunity for the following professionals to enhance their professional development:

  • code enforcement officers

  • housing officials and inspectors

  • zoning administrators

  • environmental and solid waste inspectors

  • city and county planners

  • members of planning commissions

  • members of zoning boards of appeal

  • city and county attorneys

  • mayors and council members

  • county commissioners

  • Clean and Beautiful commissioners, directors, board members

Certificate Program for Code Enforcement Officers

The Georgia Association of Code Enforcement (GACE) is a professional association dedicated to establishing responsible code enforcement practices throughout local governments in Georgia and the professional development of its members. The Code Enforcement Officer Certificate program is sponsored by GACE and administered by
the University of Georgia’s Carl Vinson Institute of Government. Successful completion of the program results in receiving a certificate. In order to participate in the certificate program, you must be a paid member of GACE in good standing.

Program Objectives

  • Encourage professionalism in public code enforcement administration throughout Georgia

  • Increase knowledge of the major legal aspects of code enforcement administration and management

  • Develop skills necessary for the enforcement of environmental, housing and land use codes

  • Develop skills to help officers provide outstanding local government services


The GACE Certificate Program offers three levels.

All of the courses in each level of training are taught on a rotating schedule. Based on course selections, a participant can earn up to 15 hours of credit toward a certificate at each of the two conferences annually, one in the spring and one in the fall. Upon successful completion of the certificate levels, a formal presentation of certificates to GACE members will be held at the two conferences each year.

  • Level I: participant must complete 45 hours of course work and pass a written exam after each course with a grade of 70 or better. Time frame invested in earning a Level I Certificate is three conferences.

  • Level II: participants must complete an additional 45 hours of course work with the same requirement of successfully passing a written exam for each course with a grade of 70 or better. Time frame invested in earning a Level II Certificate is three conferences after completing Level I.

  • Level III: participants must complete 75 hours in a separate curriculum consisting of technical and leadership courses. Upon successful completion of all course work, participants must complete a final assignment. Time frame invested in earning a Level III certificate is five conferences and completing the final assignment.

Courses taught over a two day period will require the participant to attend both days. 


Modules will be taught by:

  • UGA/Carl Vinson Institute of Government faculty

  • Subject Matter Experts in the Code Enforcement field

  • Subject Matter Experts in other related topic fields

Continuing Education

  • 36 hours of continuing education every three years after the participant has earned their Level II, unless the participant chooses to enroll in the Level III program, then continuing education will be required once Level III has been completed

  • Must maintain GACE paid membership status. If GACE membership lapses, contact one of the following individuals on the board: President, First Vice President or Second Vice President for information on how to regain your GACE membership

  • Individual’s responsibility to maintain records and you may be subject to an audit by the GACE Board

Example of how to determine your continuing education status: 

 Certificate Presented

 Continuing Education Should be Completed By

 Fall 2015

 Fall 2018

 Spring 2016

 Spring 2019

 Fall 2016

 Fall 2019

 Spring 2017

 Spring 2020

 Fall 2017

 Fall 2020

 Spring 2018

 Spring 2021

 Fall 2018

 Fall 2021

 Spring 2019

 Spring 2022

 Fall 2019

 Fall 2022

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