Carl Vinson Institute of Government

For more than 85 years, the Institute of Government has worked with public officials throughout Georgia and around the world to improve governance and people's lives. From Georgia's early days as a largely agrarian state with a modest population to its modern-day status as a national and international force in business, industry, and politics with a population of almost 10 million, the Institute has helped government leaders navigate change and forge strong directions for a better Georgia.

In the Spotlight

Hundreds of community service providers enhanced their practical knowledge and gained critical skills by attending a recent professional development symposium the Institute coordinated in partnership with the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. Read More
A partnership assembled by the Institute is developing in-depth courses to provide training for 21 Clarke County District Local School Governance Teams. Approximately 250 individuals representing parents, community members, teachers and administrators will be participating. Read More
Institute Director Laura Meadows welcomed seven UGA alumnae from the days when the Lucy Cobb complex served as a women’s dormitory and joined them on a tour to revisit their college home. Read More

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