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Local elected officials, administrators, and staff, as well as boards and authorities, can benefit from quality, customized training and development opportunities offered by the Institute at convenient locations around the state and on the University of Georgia campus.

Certificate of Public Works Management Program

Contact: Walt McBride, mcbride@uga.edu; 706.255.0658

In cooperation with the Georgia Chapter of the American Public Works Association (APWA), the Institute of Government administers the Georgia Certificate of Public Works Management (CPWM) Program. This certificate program requires participants to complete 60 instructional contact hours in public works topics and management/leadership skills. Upon earning this certificate, participants can be further recognized by the APWA by completing an additional 30 hours of continuing education instruction in selected public works subjects, for a total of 90 hours.

The Georgia program was one of the first public works management institute certificate programs approved by the APWA, and it is the only one in the United States directly connected with and sponsored by an institution of higher education. Although started in the southeast, the Georgia CPWM certificate program is available to all North American APWA members.

The courses composing the required and elective sessions of the program are taught by both Institute of Government instructional faculty and public works professionals. The practical approach to training public works managers and supervisors seeks to encourage professionalism, increase knowledge of effective management practices, and develop skills to help managers provide outstanding local government services.

Of the 90 hours of instruction mandated by APWA, 60 hours are composed of the following required courses:

  • Fundamentals of Local Government Public Works (6 hours)
  • General Public Works Legal Issues (6 hours)
  • Ethics and the Use of Power (6 hours)
  • Communication and Coaching (6 hours)
  • Customer Service and Conflict Resolution (6 hours)
  • Project Management (6 hours)
  • Transportation Management (3 hours)
  • Right-of-Way Management and Utility Coordination (3 hours)
  • Solid Waste Management (3 hours)
  • Emergency Management in Public Works (3 hours)
  • Facilities and Grounds (3 hours)
  • Water and Wastewater Issues (3 hours)
  • Engineering and Technology (3 hours)
  • Fleet Management Services (3 hours)

In addition, participants must complete 30 hours of electives on public works topics that have been selected by the Institute of Government to touch on all of the segments of the APWA training template not fully covered by the required core courses. The national APWA office in Kansas City, Missouri maintains a database of all persons who complete the 90-hour public works institute certificates.

Training opportunities are usually offered each January and July. By offering parallel core course and elective tracks of instruction, participants can earn 15 hours every January and an additional 9 hours every July. In addition, several of APWA's "Click-Listen & Learn" courses can be counted for credit, along with selected courses offered through the Department of Transportation.

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