Anita Russo

Anita Russo

Anita Russo

Application Analyst Principal; Information Technology Outreach Services



Anita currently serves as Program Lead for Humanitarian Information Management projects. Anita has served in the information technology sector specializing in Geographic Information Systems and application development for dozens of years in private and public sectors. Recent achievements include laying the groundwork for new funding in Public Service and Outreach in two information technology service areas.  These provide resources to ensure continued support in transportation planning and environmental stewardship for the state and global humanitarian information management. With transportation planning, she managed teams instituting Ecology, National Register and Social applications where more than 600 transportation projects are now logged for environmental review processes and new datasets and application programming interfaces (APIs) are leveraged for state agency coordination of mission critical data.

She now leads a team of professionals dedicated for providing Common Operational Datasets and other GIS and visualization products and applications supporting planning activities in humanitarian disaster preparedness and response. In this role, she coordinates project activities with the United Nations Office of Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs through USAID sponsorship and works with other humanitarian groups to develop sustainable assessment, planning and data capture tools and processes supporting humanitarians working to support and restore welfare of populations in distress.

In addition to transportation, environmental stewardship and humanitarian work, she has worked in scholastic, power, parks and recreation, public health and economic development sectors to implement technology solutions and processes. In addition to prototyping, planning, designing, building and deploying and migrating applications and data on platforms maximizing benefit, she has managed teams for these and provided training for GIS and technologies for professionals and legislators.