Appointed Board Member Training

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Appointed Board Members may be required to complete training as part of their role. Our training focuses on what you need to know to best complete your duties as a Board Member while helping to fulfill mandated training requirements.

Appointed Board Member Training:

Community Planning Program

The Community Planning Program is a comprehensive community development program, aiming to educate and facilitate understanding of comprehensive planning, land use, growth management, decision-making, strategic planning and implementation for local governments in Georgia. These courses are open to appointed board and commission members (existing and new), local government staff and elected officials.

Downtown Development Authorities

Downtown Development Authorities (DDA) and their appointed boards are created to revitalize and redevelop the central business districts of cities in Georgia. Downtown Development Authority (DDA) training provides local leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to ensure a healthy, vibrant downtown.

Development Authorities

Having financial resources in place to market communities and incentives to close deals is an integral part of effective economic development efforts. Through Development Authority Training, board members and elected officials gain insights into the roles and responsibilities of boards and their contributions to advancing local economic development.