Alignment Toolkit

The Alignment toolkit was developed as a partnership between the Georgia Department of Education Career, Technical, and Agricultural Education and the Carl Vinson Institute of Government in 2019. This toolkit, including the report and supporting worksheets were designed to help communities and school systems think about how they align their programs to best serve their students and local businesses. It contains case studies, data resources, and so much more!



Georgia Alignment Toolkit

Georgia Alignment Toolkit Resources

Alignment Toolkit Alignment Toolkit Resources
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Below are two key graphics out of the Alignment Toolkit. We encourage you to check these out as a starting place for your alignment journey. The partner graphics show the list of most common partners that should be included in alignment conversations. This is not exhaustive but should be references. Once the right people are around the table we encourage you to use the flowchart graphic to assess your current alignment status for particular programs and see where you might be able to go from here.

Key Alignment Partners

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Needs Assessment

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