Superior Court Clerks

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We provide certificate program training to the Superior Court Clerks in Georgia. The Clerks have two primary organizations: The Council of Superior Court Clerks in Georgia and the Superior Court Clerks Association of Georgia, Inc.


We work with the Council of Superior Court Clerks of Georgia, the Superior Court Clerks’ Association in Georgia, Inc., and the Superior Court Clerks Cooperative Authority to provide Certificate Program training to clerks.


The Certificate Program focuses primarily on subject matter pertaining to the traditional work of Superior Court Clerks along with topics such as

  • leadership

  • financial management

  • managing human resources

  • communication


Various Institute of Government faculty and consultants teach at the Superior Court Clerks training programs each year.

Program Information


State Court Clerks

Classes for certificate completion are available at the Superior Court Clerks' conference in the spring each year and at the Constitutional Officers Association of Georgia (COAG) conference each fall. Upon completion of required classes, certificates of completion are awarded at the fall COAG conference.


Program Information