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Data Analytics

The Data Analytics and Visualization team at the Institute of Government assisted the University System of Georgia in visualizing data for their new website Georgia Degrees Pay at www.usg.edu/georgia-degrees-pay. From this website, parents, students and other stakeholders can access information on graduate wage outcomes and also compare the cost of attendance and data on student success. Read more about the benefits of the website.

If you would like more information on how we might help your agency create similar analytics and visualizations, please contact James Byars at jmbyars@uga.edu.

USG Training Materials and Resources

Training Webinars

The Institute of Government provides basic training for the Qlik users it works with. The following trainings were done for users with the University System of Georgia.

Short Training Videos

The Institute of Government provides the short training videos to help the Qlik users to complete USG Annual Forecast and Program Status Report.

USG Qlik Data Analytics Portal Instructions


USG Qlik Data Analytics Portal

Data Visualization Products

Qlik apps created for USG users include the following:

Recruitment and Enrollment

  • First Time Freshmen app: Connects enrollment patterns of first-time entering students into USG institutions from Georgia counties and public school districts

  • Market Share tool: Provides insights into what Georgia public high schools may have additional prospects for USG institutions

  • Adult Learners App: Identifies potential adult learner populations by county and census tract, also includes Georgia Department of Labor employment projections

  • Georgia High Schools App: Visualizes data on Georgia’s public high schools

  • Semester Enrollment Report: Visualizes enrollment data collected from USG’s Semester Enrollment Reports

Complete College Georgia

  • CCG Enrollment: Visualizes undergraduate enrollment (excludes dual enrollment) for fall terms & student demographics

  • CCG Graduation: Visualizes undergraduate degrees awarded by academic year

  • CCG Retention: Visualizes retention rates for undergraduate degree seekers by entering fall cohort

  • CCG Degrees Awarded: Visualizes graduation rates for undergraduate degree seekers by entering fall cohort & student demographics

Program Review

  • Enrollment by Academic Program: Visualizes by program enrollment by institution as of the most recent fall census date, includes enrollment benchmarks

  • Degrees Conferred: Monitors degree productivity by program relative to USG minimum requirements

  • IPEDS App: Provides degree completion data for all colleges and universities in the United States by institution and program from 1987 to 2019

About the Apps Reference Sheets

View USG BOR Qlik Apps document.

Customized Services for Individual Institutions

The Institute of Government data science team also develops and consults on custom statistical and visualization services for Georgia institutions of higher education. By harnessing internal data sources (e.g., student and course data platforms and learning management systems) along with external data vendors and product, our data science team can answer questions ranging from admissions decisions to graduation.  Here are some examples of custom applications we have developed:

  • Enrollment Tracker

  • Admissions Tracker

  • Course Performance Tracker

  • Retention, Graduation, and Performance Outcomes Comparison Tool

These trackers and tools can provide customized views based on department, special initiatives, and student demographics.

Additionally, our data science team also provides statistical and technical support for Georgia’s public colleges and universities. Here are some examples of contracts and grants we have worked alongside our partners:

  • Postsecondary enrollment projections: Provides ten-year projection of enrollments for colleges and universities using institutional retention outcomes coupled with state demographic

  • Policy analysis: Provides statistical assistance and expert knowledge on postsecondary education policies and programs including program/policy evaluation and strategic planning

  • Data analysis: Provides data science and machine learning technical and substantive guidance for developing and implementing ethical predictive capabilities


View frequently asked questions about how to login to the USG Qlik Data Analytics PORTAL.


Contact for Qlik related questions: Emily Franklin

Contact for Qlik related questions: James Byars

Contact for user token questions: Hong Zeng