Organizational/Department Reviews

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We work with city and county managers to assess individual departments or entire local governments to assist them with assessing their operations and identifying opportunities for enhanced efficiency and improved performance. We develop a practical and comprehensive understanding of each organization we study and offer our clients pragmatic recommendations and opportunities to enhance efficiency and effectiveness. Our clients have included both large city departments and entire rural county governments. 

We give decision-makers insights about

  • staffing levels, reporting structure, and improving personnel performance

  • work flow and interdepartmental cooperation

  • developing performance criteria

  • technological improvements

  • equipment and capital needs


In order to inform our work, we utilize

  • interviews and surveys with management and staff

  • data collected from peer governments literature reviews and interviews with local government professionals on best practices and standards associated with the organizational structure and service provision of local government services

  • organizational charts, budget documents, service agreements and other data maintained by the local government

  • our public service faculty’s experience and expertise of Georgia local governments


Each government and study is unique. We take the time to learn about the special conditions facing each government we study and provide customized reports that offer practical opportunities and recommendations that address their unique challenges. As a result, decision-makers are better able to allocate their limited resources to achieve their goals.