Policy Analysis

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Managing and protecting environmental and natural resources requires designing policies to meet a variety of goals and balance competing perspectives.


Our experts have assisted at the local, state and federal levels with the analysis, development and review of

  • key natural resources

  • planning

  • environmental

  • hazard mitigation policies and regulations


State decision makers have called on us for water management, land use, air quality and waste management. Our Environmental Policy Program offers objective and systematic policy analysis.


We excel in objectively analyzing complex scientific information, economic data, legal frameworks and institutional policies to

  • inform government decision-making

  • promote solutions

  • increase public awareness


Faculty and staff experts analyze information relevant to a certain policy so officials can be more knowledgeable about alternatives. This allows decision-makers to better evaluate their current and potential effectiveness.


Environmental Policy Program faculty are recognized for their wide-ranging expertise related to environmental and natural resource issues facing the state. We train local officials in environmental best practices and provide research support to leaders who develop state water management plans.


In addition to our unit’s law, policy and management expertise, we routinely collaborate with experts in other disciplines. We want to ensure that our clients have access to a broad and unique set of technical abilities. We do this by collaborating with  

  • scientists

  • geographers

  • hydrologists

  • economists

  • demographers



We also have strong research, writing and technical capacity to support broad-based academic research projects that seek local-level connections. Other services include customized assistance and educational programs.